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Keyless Entry Services Agoura Hills

No keys to carry, no wires to run, and no batteries to change! Our keypad combination entry door locks are so dependable, they come with a life-time mechanical warranty on all Lockey keyless models.

Our keypad, combination, push-button entry door locks are more secure than a traditional keyed lock because they can't be picked or bumped

Why are these Locks More Secure?

Our keypad entry door locks are un-pickable AND un-bumpable when ordered without the key override because they do not have a key hole to pick or bump.

Our keypad entry door lock deadbolts and latch bolts are also hacksaw-proof.
- Push-button keypad combination locks are unpickable & unbumpable.
- Change the combination whenever you want—it only takes a few minutes.
- Your code can be as long or as short as you want!

If you get it from us, you can count on it to protect you and your loved ones, your home, apartment or dorm, and your business—for years to come.

- 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
- Low prices on our full line of new locks
- Bargain Bin with even lower prices
- Full 5-Year or Lifetime warranties on ALL our Lockey products.
- Friendly & knowledgeable customer service